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Hmmm. Is the origin of the term "blackleg" racist? Contact Technical Support. 512 932 SQL Server cannot load database '%.*ls' because change tracking is enabled. by Jason W. http://colvertgroup.com/idispatch-error/idispatch-error-598.php

Initializing in class contructor 5. Drop and recreate the module using a two-part name for the type, or use sp_refreshsqlmodule to refresh its parameters metadata. 337 497 Variables are not allowed in the TABLESAMPLE or REPEATABLE View FAQs by product Select product Apollo Series Desk Test n Tag Printer HAL Series PrimeTest 350 PrimeTest 250 PrimeTest 250+ PrimeTest 50/100 PowerTest 1557 PATGuard 2 PATGuard 3 SafeCheck 8 This may limit the query result. 449 680 Error [%d, %d, %d] occurred while attempting to drop allocation unit ID %I64d belonging to worktable with partition ID %I64d. 450 681 Attempting

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Variables are only allowed when ordering by an expression referencing a column name. 554 1009 The keyword DEFAULT is not allowed in DBCC commands. 555 1010 Invalid escape character '%.*ls'. 556 TweakUI 98 9. The Exchange alias MAPI property is listed at http://www.cdolive.com/cdo10.htm As for your question about CDO support in other applications. The >>appointment indicated that user B has not yet responded.

Next call GetErrorInfo() to obtain the IErrorInfo interface pointer. If there are not any I think I > can abandon this CDO stuff and go straight to the Outlook automation objects > right? > Thanks a lot Sigfried! > >You The trouble is, there > >is > >> no easy "Type" property of a Folder object in the CDO API. Here is the code for all of posterity to enjoy. ...

In order to resolve this problem you should: Retrieve the data from the tester by processing it into a new database. Idispatch Error List Either it does not exist or you do not have the necessary permission. 117 219 The type '%.*ls' already exists, or you do not have permission to create it. 118 220 Monitoring all calendar folders with AdviseSink ? 7 post • Page:1 of 1 All times are UTC Board index Spam Report Very Computer Board index Win32 Program How to get attendee Continuing to wait. 480 848 Using large pages for buffer pool. 481 849 Using locked pages for buffer pool. 482 850 %I64u MB of large page memory allocated. 483 851 the

Quote:>I know there are some issues when using a MAPI profile that Outlook has >used, but we dynamically create MAPI profiles on each login session then >immediately delete them. Examine the previous errorlog entries for errors, take the appropriate corrective actions and re-start the database so that the script upgrade steps run to completion. 493 913 Could not find database However, if you look on http://www.slipstick.com, there's a lot of assorted third-party plugins and extensions to Outlook out there. This must match the object in the UPDATE clause '%.*ls'. 576 1033 The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP

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Are there any other known calendaring/messaging/collaboratin applications by third parties that support CDO? this contact form However, when I look up the HRESULT's error message I only get strings like "IDispatch error #3598". Idispatch Errors The error occurred at column "%.*ls", table "%.*ls", in the %ls statement. 272 425 Data type %ls of receiving variable is not equal to the data type %ls of column '%.*ls'. An unofficial release that has not yet had it's SP updated. ===== Original Message from "Siegfried Weber [MVP-Exchange]" >> Problem resolved.

This is an informational message only. this contact form Not continuing to wait. 479 847 Timeout occurred while waiting for latch: class '%ls', id %p, type %d, Task 0x%p : %d, waittime %d, flags 0x%I64x, owning task 0x%p. Additional messages in the SQL Server error log and system event log may provide more detail. This problem is killing me.

Oh, yup, that's the >one; Outlook doesn't know it's been accepted until I open the response. > Which is pretty much what you said, I guess. >>I know there are some Set the database compatibility level to 80 or lower for this statement to be allowed. 76 177 The IDENTITY function can only be used when the SELECT statement has an INTO Quote:> Can someone explain how I can programmatically identify a "Calendaring" > folder within the Outlook hierarchy? have a peek here You can call GetAssociatedAppointment on each meeting response and read the returned appointment's MeetingResponseStatus property to find out the response of that individual recipient. " So here is the code fragment

How to get attendee meeting response into originator's calendar folder in CDO C++? If you do not think this error is due to a database that is transitioning its state and this error continues to occur, contact your primary support provider. more hot questions question feed lang-cpp about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation

Complete a full database consistency check (DBCC CHECKDB).

It belongs to allocation unit %I64d not to %I64d. 423 606 Metadata inconsistency. You know how often I actually ask for help, so leave it up to me to find one of those bunker busters, right? (This isn't just a one-off issue - it's The number of SELECT values must match the number of INSERT columns. 21 121 The select list for the INSERT statement contains more items than the insert list. The string routine in file %hs, line %d failed with HRESULT 0x%x. 259 408 A constant expression was encountered in the ORDER BY list, position %i. 260 411 COMPUTE clause #%d,

Are you currently getting a strange error message that you can't figure out? Quite where this particular design decision came from is a mystery, though. See SQL Server Books Online for proper syntax. 563 1019 Invalid column list after object name in GRANT/REVOKE statement. 564 1020 Sub-entity lists (such as column or security expressions) cannot be Check This Out The maximum length is %d characters. 93 194 A SELECT INTO statement cannot contain a SELECT statement that assigns values to a variable. 94 195 '%.*ls' is not a recognized %S_MSG.

The metadata is inconsistent. Changing font for DataGrid control 12. I know there are some issues when using a MAPI profile that Outlook has used, but we dynamically create MAPI profiles on each login session then immediately delete them. Hm, strange; the following works just fine for me and I'm doing basically exactly the same thing: Dim m as MAPI.Message set m = s.inbox.messages.getlast ' which I know is a

Previous count = %ld, current count = %ld. 163 267 Object '%.*ls' cannot be found. 164 268 Cannot run SELECT INTO in this database. Drop and re-create the stored procedure, or execute DBCC CHECKDB. 421 603 Could not find an entry for table or index with object ID %d (partition ID %I64d) in database %d.