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Read 14 Mar 12 - BernieSpang.com - International Informix User Group set to meet in San Diego... Powered by the IBM Informix software... Here is the parts-explosion problem: given a part number, produce a list of all parts that are components of that part. Most frequently, the database server implements the active set of a scroll cursor as a temporary table. http://colvertgroup.com/informix-error/informix-error-log.php

The surviving table is either nonfragmented or hash-fragmented and must appear in the attach list in order for its existing fragment(s) to be properly positioned in the resulting fragmentation scheme. -787 Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Share?Profiles ▼Communities ▼Apps ▼ Forums Informix developer and user forum Log in to participate A commit closes all open cursors for your session. As a contrast, consider the following declaration of a cursor: EXEC SQL DECLARE hard SCROLL CURSOR FOR SELECT C.customer_num, O.order_num, sum (items.total_price) FROM customer C, orders O, items I WHERE C.customer_num http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg1PK92861

Informix Cursor With Hold

Read 1 Mar 12 - IBM Data Management - IIUG Heads West for 2012 - Get ready for sun and sand in San Diego... Please note that by distributed environment, I mean i am using the synonyms for the other database instance. Updated on 2008-11-02T10:50:30Z at 2008-11-02T10:50:30Z by SystemAdmin SystemAdmin 110000D4XK 1143 Posts Re: Informix JDBC driver: cursor not open ‏2008-10-28T18:29:13Z This is the accepted answer. count rows unloaded (check ulimit or disk space). -853 Current transaction has been rolled back due to error or missing COMMIT WORK. -854 Back end not found.

  • Read 2 Feb 11 - DBTAs - Informix 11.7 Flexible Grid Provides a Different Way of Looking at Database Servers...
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  • The program declares the cursor and its associated SELECT statement, which merely allocates storage to hold the cursor. 2.
  • This statement names a cursor and can also name the host variables to receive the data.
  • When the cursor is no longer needed, the program frees the cursor to deallocate the resources it uses.

Cursor Input Modes For purposes of input, a cursor operates in one of two modes, sequential or scrolling. I know that the java.sql-connection object is not threadsafe, so I created a wrapper class which, among other things, synchronizes the access to the connection object. Consult your installation instructions. -559 Cannot create a synonym on top of another synonym. -560 Synonym with tabid number not found in systables. -561 Sums and averages cannot be computed on Informix Odbc Error Read 6 Feb 12 - PRLOG - Informix port delivers unlimited database scalability for popular SaaS application ...

These relationships are documented in a single table, which might be called contains. The active set is a snapshot of the data as it is at one moment in time. That's the exception that I get. http://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Article/9925 Log in to reply.

The database server might not fill this table immediately, however (unless it created a temporary table to process the query). Informix Error 951 You can use the cursor declared in the preceding example to read once through the items table. Read 20 Sep 10 - planetIDS.com - ITG analyst paper: Cost/Benefit case for IBM Informix as compared to Microsoft SQL Server... Your program can see only one row of data at a time, but all other rows in the table can be changing.

Informix Cursor Example

First, the program starts the query. (No data is returned immediately.) Then the program requests the rows of data one at a time. see this here The column contains.parent holds the part numbers of parts that are assemblages. Informix Cursor With Hold Read 27 May 11 - IBM Data Management Magazine - IIUG user view: Big data, big time ( Series data, warehouse acceleration, and 4GLs )... There Is No Current Cursor Informix Informix Guide to SQL: Tutorial, version 9.1 Copyright ©1998, Informix Software, Inc.

Read 31 May 11 - Smart Grid - The meter data management pitfall utilities are overlooking... have a peek at these guys Read 10 Aug 12 - businessCLOUD9 - Is this the other half of Cloud monitoring?... A scroll cursor can fetch the next row or any prior row, so it can read rows multiple times. Read 25 Jan 11 - PR Newswire - Bank of China in the UK Works With IBM to Become a Smarter, Greener Bank... Informix Sql Error

Creating the Active Set When a cursor is opened, the database server does whatever is necessary to locate the first row of selected data. All Rights Reserved. The DECLARE statement is not an active statement; it merely establishes the features of the cursor and allocates storage for it. http://colvertgroup.com/informix-error/informix-error-309.php The following example shows a sequential cursor declared in INFORMIX-ESQL/C: EXEC SQL declare pcurs cursor for select customer_num, lname, city from customer; After the cursor is opened, it can be used

Basically, I was doing a select and update on a same table. Informix Error Codes List Please refer to the Recommended Updates page for delivery information: http://www.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=180&uid=swg27004980 Temporary fix Comments APAR Information APAR numberPK92861 Reported component nameWAS EJB3 FEATUR Reported component ID5724J0851 Reported release610 StatusCLOSED PER PENoPE You can also specify which variables receive data by using the FETCH statement as discussed in "Locating the INTO Clause".

Use CreateDB to create the Database testdb if not already done * java CreateDB 'jdbc:informix-sqli: * //emily:1533:informixserver=emily3;user=rdtest;password=test' * 2.

Read 9 Mar 11 - DBTA - Database Administration and the Goal of Diminishing Downtime... If the optimizer can avoid sorts and temporary tables, it does; but very small changes in the query, in the sizes of the tables, or in the available indexes can change Read 24 Feb 12 - developerWorks - Informix Warehouse Accelerator: Continuous Acceleration during Data Refresh... Informix Error 908 It passes the associated SELECT statement to the database server, which begins the search for matching rows.

Read 19 May 10 - The New Blog Times - Misurare il consumo energetico: DEHEMS è pronto... Read 21 Mar 11 - Yahoo! You can also fetch the current row again or fetch the first row and then scan through the entire list again. http://colvertgroup.com/informix-error/informix-error-951.php Read 24 May 10 - eWeek Europe - IBM Supplies Database Tech For EU Smart Grid...

Read 09 Sep 13 - telecompaper - Shaspa and Tatung have shown a new smart home platform at Ifa in Berlin. Terms of use *** Powered By IBM Informix Dynamic Server V11.10 - Run Cheetah Run*** Whats New in 12.10 Certified for Informix 11.10, 11.50, 11.70 and All rights reserved. Because of the INTO TEMP clause, the SELECT statement can return no rows and so cannot be used with a cursor.

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Tweet Thread Tools Show Printable Version Subscribe to this Thread… Search Thread Advanced Search Display Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode 11-18-05,12:26 #1 pitris View Profile Read 06 Sep 13 - IBM data magazine - Mission Accomplished - Miami, Florida will be the backdrop for the 2014 IIUG Informix Conference... No error should be returned when executing this stored procedure. An attempt was made either to drop a currently executing procedure or to run UPDATE STATISTICS on a currently running procedure.

The only time that stale data can cause a problem is when the program intends to use the input data to modify the same database; for example, when a banking application Read 10 February 2010 - The Wall Street Journal - International Business Machines is expanding an initiative to win over students and professors on its products. The following example is written in INFORMIX-ESQL/C: EXEC SQL DECLARE the_item CURSOR FOR SELECT order_num, item_num, stock_num INTO o_num, i_num, s_num FROM items FOR READ ONLY; The declaration gives the cursor at com.informix.util.IfxErrMsg.getSQLException(IfxErrMsg.java:348) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.addException(IfxSqli.java:3000) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveError(IfxSqli.java:3310) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.dispatchMsg(IfxSqli.java:2263) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.receiveMessage(IfxSqli.java:2183) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.executeFetch(IfxSqli.java:1835) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxSqli.getaRow(IfxSqli.java:4015) at com.informix.jdbc.IfxResultSet.next(IfxResultSet.java:533) at org.apache.commons.dbcp.DelegatingResultSet.next(DelegatingResultSet.java:168) at org.apache.openjpa.lib.jdbc.DelegatingResultSet.next(DelegatingResultSet.java:106) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.ResultSetResult.nextInternal(ResultSetResult.java:222) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.SelectImpl$SelectResult.nextInternal(SelectImpl.java:2451) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.sql.AbstractResult.next(AbstractResult.java:173) at org.apache.openjpa.jdbc.kernel.SelectResultObjectProvider.next(SelectResultObjectProvider.java:99) at org.apache.openjpa.lib.rop.EagerResultList.(EagerResultList.java:35) ...

Unanswered question This question has not been answered yet. Read 20 May 10 - ebiz - IBM Teams With Hildebrand To Bring Smart Metering To Homes Across Britain... The first row is the only row the cursor finds at this time. Read 14 Mar 11 - MarketWatch - Fuzzy Logix and IBM Unveil In-Database Analytics for IBM Informix...

A company makes a variety of parts, for example. Review the program logic, especially the DECLARE for the cursor, the statement id specified in it, and the PREPARE that set up that statement. Multirow queries are handled in two stages. The following is a sketch of one solution, as implemented in INFORMIX-ESQL/C: int part_list[200]; boom(top_part) int top_part; { long this_part, child_part; int next_to_do = 0, next_free = 1; part_list[next_to_do] = top_part;

The optimizer might be able to use indexes to produce the rows in the correct order, but generally the use of ORDER BY or GROUP BY clauses requires the database server When a row is fetched for a second time, it can be taken from the temporary table. All rights reserved.