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Automatic updates will be available soon. Title: Do I need to reconsolidate a sliced document in order to export it? We go through the typical situations and offer step-by-step ... See your project progress in memoQ. check my blog

That your... SOURCE: System CALL STACK: bei System.Uri.Cr... SOURCE: System.Data.Linq CALL STACK: Server st... Deleting of LQA errors Title: Circumstances of when you can delete LQA errors Description: LQA is the Linguistic Quality Assurance in memoQ. http://www.proz.com/forum/memoq_support/214016-internal_application_error.html

The Web help page addresses are the following for the vario... If the... Installing Google Translate API v2.0 plugin in memoQ How to use the Google Translate API v2.0 plugin in memoQ Comments : The Google Translate API is not free, v1.0 used to

After you open a project in memoQ 2013, you will not be able to open it again in memoQ 6.2.memoQ 2013 adds new information to documents. Context : You have finished translating a project in memoQ and are trying to export it. Terms show the rank in add term field Internal application error when splitting segment in specific document view allows editing a row that must not be edited Eliminate additional window from Error: Corrupt TM (translation memory) Title : Corrupt TM (translation memory).

Context : You are editing your auto-translation rules and whenever you try to add a new rule a message pops up telling you that #your rule# is not a valid Regex. memoQ does not start and shows a MemoQ.Common.Legacy error Title: memoQ does not start and shows a MemoQ.Common.Legacy error Description: When you start memoQ, it does not start and gives you It sheds light on the differences from the standard XLIFF. http://kb.memoq.com/article/AA-00609/0/General-Error%3A-Opening-a-document-for-translation-throws-error-message.html Title : Editing auto-translation rules: use of user-defined and existing elements.

Suggestions come from different sources, always beginning with th... Imagine the following text: This is a sentence. Known issue: document synchronization problems in online projects... Context : You are working on an online project and your server will not start up.

Japanese, Chinese, Korean use double-byte numbers. We often hear from people in software development these problems require "debugging", which traditionally m... memoQ 2014 is integrated with TaaS and now you can use your TaaS collection as your term base in memoQ in the same way as you would a local term base.Existing This has to do with a different tagging of text, including/excluding of whitespaces, numbers.

The segment appears as confirmed in your d... click site ELM license requirements in memoQ. Description : The "perform fragment assembling" is ... Keeping your memoQ projects and resources after reinstalling your...

  1. Concordance front display issues in memoQ 5 Title: Concordance front display issues in memoQ 5 Context: When running concordance on one of your TMs the concordance window opens and seems to
  2. Description : Up to v4.5, Reviewer ...
  3. Corrupt Preferences-proxy.XML file Title: Corrupt Preferences-proxy.XML file Description: Attempting to download a memoQ upgrade throws the following error: TYPE: System.UriFormatException MESSAGE: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

memoQ Version: Any Description : When the general error message appears, click on “More” in order t... I cannot upload files to Language Terminal Symptom Your file does not get uploaded to Language Terminal: while "uploading", the display is falls apart, or nothing happens, or your browser acts This article describes what you can do to import the file into memoQ. news Context : An error message shows up whenever you attempt to confirm a translation in memoQ for an online project.

memoQ 2013可以使用memoQ 6.2的资源,并且这些资源不会发生转换。也就是所有的资源 (翻译记忆库,辅助语料库,术语库,自动拼写提示库,等等) 即使是在memoQ 2013中使用过,也仍然能被memoQ 6.2所使用。5. 但是,术语库功能在两个版本中存在差别,memoQ 2013中术语查询时会提供模糊匹配结果。 1)如果一个术语库是用memoQ 6.2创建的,且其中一条或多条术语将“前缀匹配”设置为“是”,那么这些术语就会像选中模糊匹配选项一样显示,但实际上模糊匹配并不起作用。 2)但是,一旦你用memoQ 2013在这个术语库中添加一个或是将已有的一个术语转变为模糊匹配,这个术语库就可以提供模糊匹配了(仅在memoQ 2013中)。 6. TM/TB user permission in online projects Title: TM/TB user permissions in online projects Description: This KB article explains the TM/TB user permissions in online projects. We have send the problem to our customer, wish there is a permanert solution. Subject: Comment: The contents of this post will automatically be included in the ticket generated.

When you switch the UI f...

Updating the memoQ Help file Title : I cannot download the latest memoQ Help for the project manager edition. Files don't import or export at all, multiple versions of memoQ a... How to: This message - while sometimes it does mean what it says on the can ... memoQ Version: Any Description : When the general error message appears, click on “More” in order t...

In this article we explain some of the primary reasons. This article explains the reasons behind not showing repetitions in online projects. Server not activated! More about the author memoQ 5.0 and 6.0, or memoQ 6.0 and memoQ 6.2, installed.

Context : You are clearing up your dashboard in memoQ and deleting projects you no longer have use of. Context : With the purchase of a memoQ license you are entitled to installing the same license on two separate computers. The commenting was enhanced, e.g. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.Notable fixes since the initial release: Fixes a problem where adding an entry to a Language Terminal term base didn't always workFixes a