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Internal Compiler Error In Instantiate_virtual_regs_lossage At Function.c

This has now been fixed in the diffs file above. c if ien(3,n)=ien(4,n), then element has 3 nodes c lgrid = 0, no grid lines are plotted c = 1, grid lines are plotted in addition to contours c /grd/ = Download the diffs file to make the necessary changes: gcc-3.4.0.diffs, and save it somewhere, say /tmp. C IF(DEGRES .NE. 0.0)GO TO 10 C C RESET THE CHARACTER ROTATION FLAG. http://colvertgroup.com/internal-compiler/internal-compiler-error-in-save-call-clobbered-regs-at-caller-save-c.php

I did so, to 4.3, > and it did not fix my problem. > What to you mean by 'did not fix my problem'? c the symbol's maximum dimension is set by parameter c (size) in logical units. if isym is between 1 and 16 a c scatter plot is generated using the symbol corresponding to isym. c the label is contained in the ascii string 'label' of length c (nents).

C IF(SYMROT)GO TO 190 XTEMP = XREF * SYMSC + XORG YTEMP = YORG GO TO 200 190 XTEMP = XREF * SYMCOS * SYMSC + XORG YTEMP = XREF * comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by kevin The changes noted above to hyp2000_mgr.c were not committed so I have done it. C #include "fontdef.inc" C LOGICAL SYMROT,READIR,PLOT,COLRF c CHARACTER PLTFIL*80 CHARACTER ICOM*2,ICHR*1,STRING*120 CHARACTER*1 KSUB,KSUPER,KBKSP,KCALL,PENS(16) real temp,symsin,symcos,xorg,yorg,xref,yref real charsc,width,slant,symwid real symsc,xmn,xmx,xy,xx,xsym,ysym,xtrns,ytrns integer nfnt,ii,id,ifont,nch,jj,i,icode,istat,ix,iy,k integer ipoint,ilen INTEGER COLOLD LOGICAL ASCFNT C C INCLUDE 'pltcom.dat' intermediate short tics are drawn between c the decades.

Also, make sure you didn't mess up the beginning of the DJGPP.ENV file, where the value of the DJDIR variable is computed (when in doubt, compare it with the stock DJGPP.ENV Nest a string inside an array n times Can I visit Montenegro without visa? This page provides instructions for getting a working g77 compiler running on Intel-based Macs. It seems to be related to the small probability of getting non-contiguous memory blocks from the Windows' DPMI server.

Q: GCC aborts with "Internal compiler error" when compiling a large C++ program. In car driving, why does wheel slipping cause loss of control? Unpack the source-code somewhere, say /usr/local/src/gcc-3.4.0/. http://www1.gly.bris.ac.uk/~wookey/MEFTLG/g77.htm c c irep<0: same as irep>1, except that the scales are returned to c their default values after the plot is complete.

All rights reserved. c designed to work with finite element routines, it requires c a mesh of coordinates where the contoured function is known c and a connectivity matrix ien(number of elements,4). This procedure has been tested with Xcode 2.3 and 2.4, other versions may work but no guarantees! c must be defined in the calling program c /window/ = labeled common defining a window outside of c which contour points are ignored.

C IF(NCHAR .EQ. 0)RETURN if(mapproj)then xtemp=xtrns(x,y)*xscale ytemp=ytrns(x,y)*yscale else XTEMP = X * XSCALE YTEMP = Y * YSCALE endif PENF = .FALSE. useful reference Something related to 64 bits ? >> >> And yes, it's never called ! C 302 IFONT=K 169 ASCFNT=ITYPE(IFONT).EQ.-1 170 CONTINUE 180 IF(.NOT.PLOT)THEN X=SYMWID*HEIGHT/21. this mode is used for the second and subsequent c plots in a sequence of overlaid plots.

How to say you go first in German When does bugfixing become overkill, if ever? http://colvertgroup.com/internal-compiler/internal-compiler-error-unexpected-runtime-function-call.php share|improve this answer answered Mar 11 at 3:52 MKG 1 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up To solve this, set TMPDIR to point to a writable temporary directory. After all it's a > compiler bug. > > This works (but will it give the results you expect?): >> CHARACTER*1 edge(0:4) > [...] >> DATA edge / '?', 'N' ,

C C SEE IF THE FIRST CHARACTER IS A NUMBER C DO 2050 K=1,9 IF(ICOM(2:2).EQ.PENS(K))GOTO 2051 2050 CONTINUE C C NO NUMBER FOUND - MUST BE A FONT CHANGE COMMAND C The other two messages you could see are: Environment variable DJGPP point to file `XXYYZZ' which doesn't exist or Environment variable DJGPP points to wrong or corrupt file `ABCDE' (In both Last updated 31/08/2006. news linearize: bad ili #: 0 (mpisim.C: 266) PGCC-S-0000-Internal compiler error.

You may be picking up the wrong version. Using hid_basic with Harmony 1.08.01 Bootloader PIC32MZ EF Very strange exception [PIC18F2620] SPI Not Working All FAQs Basic Commands for OTAA Join Frequency Settings for EU 868 MHz, Plus Duty if not user c defined, default values (maximum open) are used.

xlen=abs(xu(2)-xl(2)) ylen=abs(xu(1)-xl(1)) else xlen=abs(xu(1)-xl(1)) ylen=abs(xu(2)-xl(2)) endif if(enx-firsx) 300,310,300 310 call scale(xarray,npts,xlen,firstx,endx,deltax) goto 400 300 firstx=firsx endx=enx deltax=xlen/(enx-firsx) 400 if(eny-firsy) 500,510,500 510 call scale(yarray,npts,ylen,firsty,endy,deltay) goto 600 500 firsty=firsy endy=eny deltay=ylen/(eny-firsy) 600 if(nticx)

  • Thanks, Jean-Michel On Wed, Jun 03, 2009 at 04:57:56PM +0200, Martin Losch wrote: > Hi Jean-Michel, > I did not mean to propose these changes, I just wanted to show you
  • Why is this happening?
  • The paramter idev determines c which device will be used.

This is probably fixable in the configure stage, though. Thanks , Techmate #1 2 Replies Related Threads BoG Senior Member Total Posts : 166 Reward points : 0 Joined: 2007/04/21 13:50:28Location: Iowa Status: offline RE: help me to resolve this Known Issues Compilation (of g77 itself) fails with error messages like: /var/tmp/ccKRSYUy.s:8065:indirect jmp without `*' This was a problem with the version of as distributed with version 2.4 of the Xcode RAST(II)=1. 1002 continue IOFF(1)=0 GOTO 169 ELSE IF(ICOM(1:1).EQ.'C')THEN C C LOOK FOR EXTENDED COLOR COMMAND OF THE FORM C @Cnnn WHERE nnn IS A 3 DIGIT NUMBER C IF(.NOT.COLRF)COLOLD=COLOUR COLRF=.TRUE.

c dimension xarray(npts),yarray(npts) c do 10 i=1,npts call symbol(xarray(i),yarray(i),-1.,0.,isym) 10 continue return end c c c subroutine axis(xstart,ystart,label,nents,lblpos,angle,axlen, &firstv,alastv,ndec,ntic,nltic) c c program to draw a labeled axis of length (axlen) starting KBKSP)GO TO 310 SYMWID=SYMWID-WIDTH XREF = XREF - WIDTH WIDTH = 0.0 GOTO 169 310 IF(ICHR.NE.KCALL)GOTO 169 C C UNPACK COMMAND C ICOM = STRING(JJ+1:JJ+2) JJ=JJ+2 C C PROCESS COMMAND C defined(_GFORTRAN) +#if defined(_MACOSX) || defined(_LINUX) && ! More about the author the user must ensure that the labeled tics correspond c to simple powers of ten.

if(nticy.le.0) then nticy=(ifix(ylen*40.+.0001))+1 nlab=ifix(12.*ylen)-1 if(nlab.le.0) nlab=0 if(nlab.ne.0) nlticy=nticy/nlab if(nlab.eq.0) nlticy=nticy ndecy=-4 endif call axis(xl(1),xl(2),labely,nchary,1,roty,ylen,firsty,endy, & ndecy,nticy,nlticy) xof=xl(1)-firstx*deltax yof=xl(2)-firsty*deltay call offset(xof,yof,deltax,deltay) xof=xl(1)+firsty*deltay yof=xl(2)-firstx*deltax if(flip) call offset(xof,yof,-deltay,deltax) if(.not.flip) call & arbgrd(nx*ny,ien,numel,nctrs,nfreq,xarray,yarray,zarray, &'contur output') j. However, the compiler gave me the following error message: PGCC-S-0000-Internal compiler error. c___________________________________________________________________ c the symbols available are: c c symbol# description symbol# description c____________________________________________________________________ c c 1 square with tic 9 hourglass c 2 octagon with tic 10 narrow hourglass c 3

C DEGRES - ANGLE AT WHICH THE CHARACTERS ARE TO BE DRAWN C IN DEGREES RELATIVE TO THE X-AXIS. nloop=ntic-1 if(nloop.le.0) nloop=1 nskip=nltic if(nltic.le.0) nskip=1 deltic=axlen/float(nloop) do 10 ii=1,nloop i=ii mode=mod(i,nskip) if(i.eq.nloop) mode=0 if(nltic) 20,30,30 20 do 40 j=1,8 dtpos=tpos+deltic*alog10(float(j+1)) call tic(dtpos,1,firstv,alastv,axlen,angle,ndec,lblpos,nltic) 40 continue 30 tpos=deltic*float(i) call tic(tpos,mode,firstv,alastv,axlen,angle,ndec,lblpos,nltic) 10 continue if (size)<0., a default size is used. IF(.NOT.READIR)then C READ DIRECTORY call rddsym(nfnt) ioff(1)=0 ii=1 id=1 call rdfsym(id,ii) ifont=1 ascfnt=itype(ifont).eq.-1 readir=.true.

c c if npts = 1 nothing is drawn. pen 1 is twice as wide c if(ipen.eq.0) return ipwide=1 if(ipen.eq.1) ipwide=2 call PGSLW(ipwide) return end c c subroutine offset(xof,yof,xscl,yscl) c c program to shift plotting zero and scale coordinates for C C CONVERT THE ROTATION TO RADIANS. c c irep>1: only the arrays are plotted, using a previously set c scale.

melosh, may 1992 c c subroutine plotxy(xl,xu,labelx,labely,xarray,yarray, & npts,irep,isym) c c program to produce an x-y line or scatter plot of arrays (xarray) and c (yarray). I did so, to 4.3, > > and it did not fix my problem. > > > > What to you mean by 'did not fix my problem'? > > I UPDATE This has been fixed in the latest version of the diffs file. iptr=iptr+1 endif do 100 i=1,nents if(nsym(isym,iptr).gt.99) then showpen=.true.