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Internal Error - The Specified Plex Contains Disabled Subdisks

The name must be unique within this disk group. These include some errors that are infrequently encountered and difficult to troubleshoot. This can happen, for example, if you upgrade from an earlier release of VxVM to VxVM 2.3 and run vxconfigd without a reboot. >>Action To fix, reboot the system. Message: Unless the disk error is transient and can be fixed with a reboot, the contents of the volume should be considered lost. >>Action There is no action to be taken. check my blog

This can also happen if some disk group was deported and renamed to rootdg with locks given to this host. >>Action In case 1, boot the system on a CD-ROM A while ago, I purchased a Dell PowerEdge to replace the aging SBS 4.5 hardware. I've been learning a lot about it lately though, and am trying to formulate a plan to migrate to it in the future. However, for a RAID-5 log, this field is set to LOG. https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/hailw/recovering_corrupt_dynamic_disk/

To reinitialize all of the disks, they must be detached from the group with which they are associated and then reinitialized and re-added. These disk failures (particularly multiple disk failures) may cause one or more volumes to become unusable. >>Action If hot-relocation is enabled, the VxVM objects affected by the disk failure may be Check the System Event Log for more information on the error. Either the ports were erroneously disabled, or the association of the port to the correct LUN mapping may have been mistakenly changed. (Check on the switch) 0 Message Author Comment

  • vxconfigd controls whether such logging is turned on or off.
  • But yeah, super strange.
  • This operation will fail if the plex cannot be dissociated.
  • It's a pretty flat network with ~13 servers (Ubuntu and Windows 2003/2008), no Exchange, Non-IP phone system, Sonicwall NSA, HP switches, 1 file server, 2 domain controllers, 1 VMWare Esxi Host.
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  • This field is reserved, but may be changed.

This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: GET_VOLINFO ioctl failed vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: GET_VOLINFO ioctl failed: To enable logging of console output to a file, you can either invoke vxconfigd as follows or edit VxVM startup scripts (described later): vxconfigd -x log To enable syslog() logging of This field is reserved, but may be changed. RTFM Sysadmin Jobs Official Subreddit IRC Channel - #reddit-sysadmin on irc.freenode.net Posts of pictures are not permitted.

Even tried restarting the server to no avail. The database copy is then read to find the list of disk access records for disks contained in the group. If the root file system is defined on a volume, then see the procedures defined for recovering from a failed root file system in the "Recovery" appendix. Message: Cannot recover http://www.tech-archive.net/Archive/Windows/microsoft.public.windows.server.general/2004-09/0190.html The reason string indicates the reason for the open failure.

In that case, one group will be imported along with all its disks and the other group will not. Disk groups usually have enough copies of this configuration information to make such import failures unlikely. If they still make them, I'd like to get one and set it up as a write-cache for the array (if possible). The event viewer shows the following error: INTERNAL Error - The specified plex contains disabled subdisks (C1000078).

Restart the computer before retrying the operation. 0xC10007CE LDM_E_NO_VM No dynamic disks are present. 0xC10007CF LDM_E_INTERNALFAILURE An internal error has occurred. Detaching a Plex A detached plex is inaccessible for reads and writes, but is still associated with a volume. This error should not occur unless there is a bug in the Volume Manager. >>Action Contact Customer Support for more information. Message: Get of current rootdg failed vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: Get Requirements: * At least one plex icon must be selected. * Only associated plexes can be dissociated. * Before the last plex in a volume can be dissociated, that volume must

When I attempt to Reactivate Volume or Import either of the Foreign disks I get the following error in the System Log: Source: LDM Event ID: 2 Description: INTERNAL Error - click site Export (0) Print Expand All MSDN Library Open Specifications Protocols Windows Protocols Technical Documents [MS-DMRP]: Disk Management Remote Protocol 2 Messages 2.2 Common Data Types 2.2.1 HRESULT Return Codes 2.2.2 MAX_FS_NAME_SIZE If Striped plex layout has been specified, this field is required. Automatically associating one or more plexes with a volume by selecting the plex icon(s) immediately prior to the creation of a volume.

I feel that being as young as I am and having the position I do in the company (Network/System Admin) I work for, I've gained so much experience in such a If the Volume Manager configuration daemon (vxconfigd) recognizes what actions are necessary, it will queue up the transactions that are required. The most likely reason is Device is already open. news Over time as the company grew and I became more aware of our network, applications, etc, I was able to learn much more from my co-worker, certifications, and generally when things

Without this locking information, two utilities can end up making incompatible changes to the configuration of a volume. Message: Disk group: Disabled by errors vxvm:vxconfigd: ERROR: Disk group group: Disabled A concatenated plex is a plex with associated subdisks that are both sequentially and contiguously arranged. The error that resulted in this condition should appear prior to this error message. >>Action Look up other error messages appearing on the console and take the actions suggested in the

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i.e. Advanced-Ops > Plex > Dissociate Plexes Dissociates one or more selected plexes from their parent volumes. Highfive and Dolby Voice deliver the best video conferencing and audio experience for every meeting and every room. At the time we were going to use SBS 2000 and so I started building such a system.

If Striped or RAID-5 plex layout has been specified, this field indicates the stripe unit size. Wil je meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons cookiebeleid. Putil1:Lists the permanent utility field 1. More about the author Wait until that format operation is finished before continuing. 0xC10003F5 LDM_E_OBJECT_STALED The disk and volume information in the Disk Management snap-in is out of date.